SW Utility Product Catalog




    Southwire’s Utility Wire Catalog provides easy viewing of utility conductor and cable product information such as applications, specifications, construction and data for a particular product. The App uses an easy to navigate diagram so the user can select products based on where they are used in the utility system. Product categories include: underground and overhead transmission, underground and overhead distribution, substations, grounding, solar, agriculture and wind. This App also allows users to view information by browsing product groups or by searching a size and brief description. Customers in the field can scan a product tag or enter a stock number and all the pertinent information regarding that product will be displayed and stored in history for use at a later date. Users can set up projects and link particular products to the project allowing for easy access and use. A unique feature allows users to compare three products and see the similarities and differences among the products selected. If by chance the user doesn’t find what he/she is looking for, or has questions regarding a product, there is a contact icon that allows the user to submit a question directly to Southwire.