SzClock Diver

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    SzClock Diver is an analogue clock that floats in the sea to which the solid is displayed simple and beautifully.
    It is displayed more beautifully with iPhone4.

    The clock begins the floatage in the sea by the double tap. Peripheral brightness begins to change at the same time, too.
    The fluorescent paint of the clock will emit light when surroundings darken, and a different expression be shown.
    The floatage and the change in light stop if the double tap is done while floating. Please look for a favorite display.

    This clock of the Divers watch style is not so useful, and the rotation bezel can be used.
    Please ..left rotation.. drag the rotation bezel to use it while stopping floating.
    It is not possible to rotate right because of the specification of the Divers watch.

    The frame rate(fps) under the floatage cannot be secured enough with a part of model, smooth operation exists, and there is an impossible case.
    I am sorry, please use the stop mode mainly.
    (The highest frame rate is fps30. )