- Wakes you by speaking the time, your next appointment, the weather forecast, and plays your music.
    - Tells you when you have to leave and reminds you with a countdown.
    - Asks a trivia question with the alarm to help get your brain in gear.
    - Can't see your clock at night? Tap the screen and TalkingAlarm speaks the time.
    - Integrates with the Home app and uses the HomeKit framework for home automation, e.g. turn on lights, open shades with alarm.
    - EZWake option for very slow music volume and screen brightness fade-in.
    - Background alarms work with the app turned off.
    - Snooze function lets you pause the alarm, but gets after you for doing so.
    - Optional time reminders during alarm music.
    - Sleep function plays music from your music library then very slowly fades out, or plays sleep sounds all night.
    - Dim the screen while sleeping, automatically returns to full brightness with alarm.
    - Live stream video of penguins, jelly fish, bears and other critters.
    - Optional periodic time announcements, useful while working or studying so you don't lose track of time.
    - Broad range of settings allow you to configure TalkingAlarm to your liking.
    Developer welcomes feedback and suggestions.

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