TapPainter Lite




    Thinking of repainting interiors? Take the guesswork out of choosing paint colors. Tap. Paint. Love!  

    TapPainter Lite assists in visualizing interior spaces in new colors with respect to their natural lighting conditions and with no artificial rendering necessary. The app allows easy comparison of recolored images, selection of preferred color, paint brand and converting selected color into a paint code.

    TapPainter Lite is our free limited version. Try our standard TapPainter version which, includes custom controls to define a shape to paint, improved user interface and direct entry of a paint color code or paint color name.

    The quality of the image recoloring result is proportional to the quality of the original image taken, so for best results capture moderate to well lit rooms in their natural lighting conditions, dark rooms may need some additional light. TapPainter Lite will do it's best to find surfaces when at least one sharp corner is identified. 

    The app is designed to:  

    - identify the walls and lighting conditions on an image of interior space  

    - compare repainted images in different colors with just a swipe of a finger  

    - provide similar experience shuffling through color swatches on mobile device as with a physical color fan deck  

    - allow easy to share processed images via email or Facebook 

    - explore many colors using our color rings of Hue, Saturation and Lightness to create preferred color and convert to its closest match available in a paint brand

    - have "Unlimited" option to allow easy view of color fan decks with names and codes promptly displayed on all color swatches, not just those selected and viewed