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    Translate text into high-quality Morse Code audio. Use with the HotPaw MorseDecoder app for "secret" audio communication between two nearby iPhones using just Morse Code sounds.

    Just type some text into the Text2Morse text window, and hit the "Send Morse Code" button, and hear the results.

    Configurable WPM speeds from 5 to 40 WPM and tone frequencies from 300 to 1200 Hz.

    You can also download text to send from a web URL. If the text file which you plan on downloading from the web is not a plain *.txt text file (something from your blog, for instance), use unformatted text, and put the prefix "MorseText:" just before your desired text, and "EndMorseText" at the end. Downloading text files requires an internet connection. Only a maximum of 8000 characters can be downloaded from a file in this version.

    Extended use of LED flash may reduce battery life.

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