Thermowire is designed to take the guesswork out of cooking and help make you a better cook. Used in conjunction with a state-of-the-art temperature probe, Thermowire allows you to boil grill, or roast anything to perfection. The app is preloaded with various food profiles, which can be selected to indicate the optimum internal temperature. You can also create your own profile with your own customizable temperature settings. When the internal temperature you set has been reached, an alarm will sound. This means you no longer need to poke, prod, and worry about whether your meal is over or undercooked!

    This is a unique device that employs an innovative method to measure and display temperature on you iOS devices. Thermowire is not just a thermometer; it allows to you share you most fantastical creations on social media too!

    Detail about Thermowire can be found at The app will operate in simulation mode when the Thermowire probe is not connected to iOS device.

    - Wide temperature range and highly accurate
    - °C and °F changeable
    - 13 default profiles with various cooking temperature pre-programmed
    - 8 custom cooking profiles available for users to create
    - Maximum three settable temperature alarms
    - Push notification implemented for remote monitoring
    - Countdown and stopwatch
    - Graph plotting with extension and contraction for easy viewing
    - Graph information can be time stamped and sent out
    - Graph data export as CSV
    - Capture feature available for user to share cooking result with the world in both picture and text to create a social media community
    - Airprint support
    - Post to Facebook, Twitter directly