Tidal Tools.

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    People who have been to the beach, will see that there is a cyclical fluctuation phenomenon of water, which is called tide. In Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty's book"Lun Heng"said that the tide had a relationship with the moon. In the 17th century, British scientists after Newton discovered the law of gravity, and they proposed the "tide is due to the moon and the sun on the sea caused by attraction" hypothesis, since then we had science to explain the causes of tides: tide phenomenon refers to the water in the objects (mainly the moon and the sun) under the action of tidal forces generated by the cyclical movement. This program is a combination of ancient Chinese wisdom of our ancestors and modern astronomical theory calculations, so the result is the theoretical value. With regard to tidal Games by topography, ocean currents, air and other effects of tidal time there will be some error, depending on local conditions and correct parameters. This procedure applies only to regular semidiurnal tidal waters forecasts and cannot accurately predict full-tide waters (such as the North Bay) and irregular diurnal tidal waters.