Weather for France




    A quick and easy way to find out the weather forecast for your region updated in real time by meteorologists!

    Better weather forecasts than on TV:
    - Flash forecasts and bulletins three times a day!
    - Flash forecasts for weekend weather, traffic weather, seasonal tendencies and European forecasts
    - Moving webcams in Switzerland
    - Separate weather forecasts for the night/morning/evening/afternoon
    - 3 hours worth of radar animation
    - Radar tracking of rainfall, wind, satellites and currents

    Spring - Summer - Autumn options on

    - Beach forecasts
    - Lake, river and swimming pool temperatures
    - Astronomy, Sunrise and Sunset plus Moon times
    - Information for allergy sufferers with pollen count from trees and plants
    - Pollution levels: Ozone - Oxide

    Winter options on

    - Information for all Swiss ski stations with details on snow on the slopes: for cross country skiing, downhill and sledging
    - You can see the snowfall for yourself via our webcams placed directly on the slopes
    - Find out about the latest snowfall in an instant
    - Snowfall limits
    - Zero Degree limits

    Supplementary information throughout the year :
    - Video weather presented by weather experts!
    - Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening
    - Rainfall radar images
    - Value of forecast reliability
    - Probability of sunshine and precipitations
    - Perceived temperature
    - Average, mimimum and maximum temparature
    - Wind force, wind direction, gust force
    - Limit of snowfall
    - Limit zero degrees
    - Fog
    - Pollen
    - Alerts & Flows
    - Flash News TV + Webcams
    - Widget live weather
    - Cities from the whole world

    Exposure for 10 days in landscape mode.

    Vendor: MeteoNews

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