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    Reach out and tap every country world wide to test internet connectivity. Rotate the globe, zoom in, out, tap to see maps, see the real time cloud cover on our living planet, watch the day/night time line move.

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    Reach out and tap and see how hot or cold your parents are, how chilly is the south pole, or warm is your last vacation spot.

    From your iOS device you can reach out and touch every country in the world with a connection request, then see how long it takes for them to respond. You'll never have to leave home, but you can touch them ten thousand kilometres away.

    When you send a packet to Gibraltar it arrives in Gibraltar, not at a server in the United Kingdom, or at a cloud computing centre in the USA.

    See how well your internet access provider is dealing with access to all the World's countries, plus as a bonus you've easy access to maps for any point on the globe, plus knowing what the weather is, and if it's daylight or dark.

    Yes we show REAL cloud data every three hours, and YES we move the day/night terminator line every 15 minutes. We are LIVE! Tap and move, pinch expand.

    Tactical feedback, people tell us tap and move isn't instant. Look you are moving 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Kilograms of Earth! It's wet it's heavy it's slippery what do you expect. we try. Just FEEL the globe as it moves...

    Or just check the weather which shows current conditions for any point on the globe where there is a nearby weather station for conditions in the last hour, and very accurate forecasts for the next two days.

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