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    Published: 2014-02-17, by .

    Protect cute chicks by ruthlessly batting fruit into waves of beasties

    • Over 40 monsters and 60 levels to keep things interesting
    • Boss fights at the end of each level
    • Simple, intuitive controls
    • Each projectile functions differently
    • None

    "What the cluck?"

    Meet your new favorite slightly chubby fruit-slinging hero: Funtomic's Chicken Boy.

    Your mission: save your brood of adorable baby chicks from the waves of encroaching monsters. What they want with your downy pals is irrelevant, although from the hungry look in their eyes I'm sensing an impending chick-b-que. Beat back the baddies with the power of berries (and apples, and grapes, and, why not, mines too). It'll take a combination of precise aim and timing to knock the fruit out of the park and take down the enemies before they snatch up the precious chicks.

    Controls are simple and intuitive; they're quick to learn and take a bit of practice to master. Slam your way through the levels to gain access to more varieties of fruit, and use the coins you win to upgrade to bigger and badder projectiles.

    The graphics are a huge highlight here - they're cartoony and slick, and I'm sure they'd look great on a tablet. There are four worlds of 15 levels apiece, each ending with a boss fight! Curiosity as to what monster will emerge next is continually intriguing enough to keep playing one... more... level...

    Funtomic's Chicken Boy is a great casual game with a wonky premise and fantastic graphics. The eponymous hero ought to have his own theme song.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 17, 2014


    Get ready to step into Chicken Boy's shoes and play the most addictive action game ever!

    Chicken Boy is a fast paced action game introducing the slightly overweight superhero the world's been waiting for.
    Fend off waves of enemies across space and time. Swing your bat with intuitive touch controls and save your chicks!

    Easy to learn but hard to master, Chicken Boy will keep you coming back for more. Master the art of the Super Shot and wipe your enemies off the screen!

    Make Chicken Boy rough and tough with weapon upgrades, powerful bats, a battle-hardened commando chick and awesome character progression.

    Play in beautiful worlds with eye-catching settings and colorful creatures you have never seen before.

    Does not support iPhone 3GS or earlier devices.

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