Dream Journey




    Take off now and fly out of the desert. Travel around the world!
    He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man!

    I want to travel around the world, I want to fly free, and I want to break the shackles of reality as well as all obstacles!
    -- Let’s realize the dream about traveling in the Dream Journey!

    In the fantastic scene which is full of fairy tale flavor with Gorgeous colors and colorful bubbles, those birds waving wings are waiting for your help.
    You must obtain the energy bubbles as much as possible to make the birds fly farther before the annoying gravity grab them down to earth. Of course, the game can not be such simple, just like in every fairy tale, there will be a annoying shaman, Dream Journey has evil dark clouds waiting to attack the lovely birds. You must lead the birds to avoid all obstacles. Of course, if you are tired of escaping, you can seek the help of the rainbow cloud to eliminate all the dark clouds and defeat darkness completely.

    Do not forget our lovely bird, there are three kinds of birds with different attributes for players to choose, besides, you can dress them up to meet new challenges with a more beautiful, more powerful look. In the Kingdom of Dream Journey, bird is you, you're the bird. facing all the difficulties bravely, soaring the sky free, and completing your dream of traveling around the world!

    -It's simple, fun and challenging!
    -3 different birds x 3 kinds equipments.
    -6 countries scenes; Rich and random routes.
    -Luck bag: Coins or Lottery, a chance to get rich props.

    ##Please search and download "Dream Journey HD" for iPad version.

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    -RuiLue Software 睿略软件

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