Jewels & Gems




    Optimized for iOS 7!

    NO ADS during game play! No ads blocking the screen while you're in the middle of sorting jewels.

    You do NOT HAVE TO PAY to win. We made this game because it’s fun, and want people to have fun.

    Switch and match 3 or more jewels to unleash the lightning, rescue the rings and unlock treasure chests to find powerful boosters to use in later games!

    38 achievements, multiple match patterns (3,4,5, the "L" and "T") and power boosters in Classic, Puzzle and Speed Puzzle modes mean the fun never stops in Jewels & Gems.

    * Free to play!
    * Free power boosters & other treasures after every game.
    * No ads in the middle of play
    * You don’t need to spend money to advance in the game.
    * Plus, challenge your friends on the leaderboards.
    * 38 cool new achievements in Game Center .
    * Puzzle mod is a new and really fun feature for a jewel match game.

    For a brand new game Jewels & Gems already has a tonne of players, and awesome game reviews.

    Snakehead Games has been bringing great games to life for 6 years. Jewels & Gems takes that fun, and brings it to mobile. We hope you enjoy this present from us!

    What players say about Jewels & Gems:

    ***** (5 stars) A Lot of Fun - Snakehead Games is known for great fun. This game has a lot replay value. Been having a blast playing this.

    ***** (5 stars) Very addicting game - I am now hooked.

    ***** (5 stars) I love this game.

    ***** (5 stars) Give it a go those who love match 3 - Great game really a joy to play different to all the match 3 games love it.

    ***** (5 stars) Jewels & Gems - I find this game very challenging and enjoyable to play. It has a good way of rewarding you after playing a game. Please keep on updating the application.

    ***** (5 stars) Nice little time waster - Easy to play and u don't have to buy your way to win!

    ***** (5 stars) Great game - Passes the time but can be very addictive.

    ***** (5 stars) Cool game - Good time pass by game. Helps with concentration and speed. The game is free; you really don't have to pay to play, nor give Snakehead private info, to continue.

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