Rubber Ducky Shooter: Addictive Shooting Game for Kids

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    Rubber Ducky Shooter: Addictive Shooting Game for Kids

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    Get ready for the most exciting sea adventure ever! Help a poor baby resist the attacks of the dangerous sea world and wipe them all out with the swim ring shooter! Help it overcome all the obstacles on its way of reaching the coast and put the long lasting invasion to an end!

    The poor baby has stranded on the sea and is being attacked by cruel sea animals. Hopefully, it's got a powerful swim ring to shoot the enemies and show them that nobody can fight against the baby shooter!

    Play one of the most addicting shooting defense games - Rubber Ducky Shooter for free!

    - A large cluster of sea animals is attacking the baby in waves;
    - Confront your enemies: sea urchins, crabs, octopuses;
    - Touch the screen to shoot or slide to fire continuously;
    - Thirty stages with experience levels;
    - Three types of bosses: hammerhead sharks, ray fish, angler fish;
    - Get a treasure chest with turrets to destroy bosses after 10 completed stages;
    - Six different types of turrets – swim rings: duck, frog, turtle, dragon, hippopotamus, and dinosaur!
    - Choose an upgrade for each level: health, damage or fire rate;

    *** The Sea Adventure Is about to Begin! ***

    The baby is the only survivor of a shipwrecking accident, it is surrounded by all kinds of evil, voracious see animals, exposed to their persistent attacks! It is alone and lost at sea but it is NOT HOPELESS as long as it has the powerful swing ring to SHOOT! Experience one of the coolest action games that both you and your kids will enjoy playing!

    * Interesting Stages ~ Experience Levels ~ Unusual Turrets ~ Enjoyable Settings *

    Try a new type of a shooter with lots of interesting turrets, upgrades and settings that will entertain you all the time! Enjoy a single gameplay, simple controls, amusing and appealing HD graphics! Have fun playing an imaginative and inventive defense game with an entirely new gaming approach and you will see that this game is unique on the market and unlike the other games for kids.

    *** A Good Pastime for Everyone ***

    Among a number of shooting games, this particular game is the only one that offers this type of mixture - no gender-based and for all ages! It can be a good pastime for the whole family. Any adult childlike at heart will find this game fun and amusing. Enjoy the showdown which will give you an adrenaline rush, but it will at the same time make you laugh, something that you cannot really expect from a regular shooting game.

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