Springboard Circus




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    Springboard Circus is tons of bouncy fun for the whole family! How quickly can you draw trampolines that will help the clown jump his way to the top? This highly addictive game is easy to play but hard to put down. Get your drawing finger ready and click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

    Great game!
    “Cool graphics and music, funny game!”
    - KatDNA

    You’re dying to beat your best score and time. You’ve been playing for hours and you’ve gotten pretty good but you’re going to have to be fast on the draw to outdo that last game.
    As the cute little clown bounces off the top of the tent, you quickly touch your finger to the screen, just in the nick of time to slide a trampoline under him. It sends the clown to the next level but hurry because he needs another one or he’s not going to make it!

    You are so caught up in trying to win that you scarcely notice your youngsters giving you ‘the look’. It was their turn an hour ago.

    Springboard Circus is that wonderful mix of easy gameplay and addictive fun that appeals to children and adults alike. Your whole family will enjoy bouncing the adorable little clown all over the screen as he makes his way to the top and the win.

    All you have to do is use your finger and swipe a line across the screen to give the clown a trampoline that will help him jump up to the next object. He’ll do all the jumping on his own; your job is to make sure that he has trampolines when and where he needs them. It’s easy-peasy and very addictive.

    Speed and score count in Springboard Circus. The more you practise, the better you’ll get. The game will show you what the maximum par number is for each level, so you know what you have to beat. Before long, you’ll be challenging yourself and others to beat previous scores and times.

    * Just use your finger to draw trampolines for the little clown to jump on
    * Cute, colourful graphics
    * Keeps track of your best score, best time and par
    * No learning curve, start playing immediately
    * Instructions are included, if needed
    * Interface is user-friendly and provides options
    * Lots of fun and easy gameplay for kids and adults
    * 10 robust levels with increasing difficulty
    * Maximum par is noted for each game level

    Your whole family is going to love Springboard Circus. Download the app now to get started but please – remember to give the kids a turn.

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