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    Published: 2013-11-26, by .

    Classic tossing game set in various locations around the world

    • It is, indeed, a tossing game
    • Way too many ads and pop-up windows
    • Poorly calibrated tossing mechanism
    • Unoriginal and boring

    "Toss til you drop"

    wipeapp's SuperToss:paper trash game is a classic tossing game wherein you aim wads of paper at a garbage can.

    Flick the paper balls into the garbage can, keeping in mind the current trajectory and strength of the wind. Score enough baskets and you'll progress to the next level.

    The app has far too many ads and pop-up windows. The tossing mechanism isn't well calibrated either, plus it's a really unoriginal concept.

    There are many better toss games out there than wipeapp's SuperToss:paper trash game.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 26, 2013


    Toss wastepaper using touch controls! A game that is simple but addicting!

    Super Toss is a simple game where you chuck garbage into wastebaskets set up in various locations. Keep throwing away those scraps of paper and aim to clear every stage.

    *Easy controls
    Just slide your finger across the screen (swipe control) to toss the paper.
    If it flies in the right direction, it will land in the wastebasket.
    Super Toss is just the thing to kill a little time!

    *Abundance of stages
    Super Toss comes with a variety of stages.
    The difficulty changes with each stage; for example, there are stages where the wind blows, altering the arc of your toss, and stages where the wastebaskets are far away.

    *Stage Completion

    As you rack up consecutive successful throws in a given stage, stars will appear.
    Try your best to get three in all of them!

    *Aim for the top of the ranking!

    When the game ends, your success rate and number of consecutive successful throws will be entered in a worldwide ranking. Leave excellent records and compete with all the players of the world.

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