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    Published: 2013-02-18, by .

    Survive the flood and put your running skills into test

    • Really fun
    • Excellent graphics and controls
    • Good back story

    "London in water"

    TheEndApp is an end of the world kind of application, an exciting and intense game in which the only thing that really matters is that you get out of it alive. London is under water and you need to survive the flood by running away

    There is a free running mode and the challenge one with rewarding items, depending on the time you have to play. The controls are the following: tilt your phone towards the direction you want to run, swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide and swipe quickly to the sides in order to rotate instantly.

    Collect the duct tape and always keep an eye on the possible obstacles that appear from nowhere, pay attention to everything and don't lose control, as your life depends on your running skills.

    Goroid is the developer of TheEndApp, a fun action game featuring a flooded London and a charismatic main character which you'll need to guide through dangerous paths. Exciting and deeply addictive, we recommend TheEndApp for everyone.

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    Feb 18, 2013


    The End has just began!

    The world has come to an end; run like hell, dash over and dodge obstacles, collect duct tape, and buy goodies to develop your survival camp, and eventually rebuild the civilisation - if you care!

    The streets are deserted, everything is covered in lava, and you are alone. Yet, you hear the call… and even in the middle of the Collapse, you know it is time to run, to survive!


    The End App challenges your reflexes and offers lightning fast infinite game play with progressive level design and multiple environments. Jump over the burned down police car and reach the hidden duct tape while running through the deserted city. You will have to survive 28 days and deal with 5 challenges each day. Practice with free-runs for a challenge or buy boosters to get an edge, but never-ever take your eyes off the duct tape; collect them!

    ‣‣ Awesome, diverse HD 3D graphics, with vivid, rich colors
    ‣‣ Action-packed endless gameplay
    ‣‣ Easy to use, intuitive swipe and tilt controls
    ‣‣ Lightning fast performance even on older devices
    ‣‣ The story of the Mayan apocalypse told from a unique perspective
    ‣‣ Unleash crazy Power Ups, complete Master and London achievements
    ‣‣ Two huge cities to explore with a bunch of different environments
    ‣‣ More than 100 uniquely designed and generated levels
    ‣‣ Original music, sound effects, and cool voiceovers
    ‣‣ 5 characters with unique animation and original voiceovers
    ‣‣ Facebook and Twitter share integration
    ‣‣ Original water and lava effects

    Download TheEndApp and get lost in the madness! There is more action than you can handle! RUN!

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