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    The Legend of Holy Archer's review

    Published: 2013-05-08, by Peter Warrior.

    A medieval archery game

    • Outstanding 3D graphics
    • Easy to learn, but quite tricky
    • It needs more characters and a storyline
    • A little bit of realism would have been deeply appreciated

    "Breath, pull, kill"

    This is the English version of The Legend of the Holy Archer.

    Archery hasn't been treated well in videogames, save a few exceptions, always set aside as secondary characters or units. This Legend... doesn't come to fill that gap, but at least combines the best of physics and an attractive 3D interface. Well, at least for as long as you understand "the best of physics" as "impossible physics", because that's what this game is about. Your Holy Archer may have an awful aim, but has the sacred ability of controlling the sacrosanct arrows in their flight by swiping on screen. As arrows meet obstacles in their path, it's more about avoiding trees and columns rather than calculate trajectories and angles.

    Graphics are awesome, and a wise option to select low, mid or high quality allows to run this game in not so top notch devices. Monsters' animations are great, too, and there are a lot of items to unlock. Regrettably, it's very hard to get used to arrows' flight so don't try to be too tricky when you start and aim to the bulk.

    Recommended if only for its originality and outstanding graphics. We should wonder if the next batch of Japanese games will be like this.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 08, 2013


    *** To All Customers Using iOS 9 ***

    Thank you for playing SummerTimeStudio games.

    Many reports have been coming in concerning
    apps not working properly on devices running iOS 9.

    After investigating the issue, problems have been
    discovered with the following operating systems:
    a. iOS 9.0
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    We are currently working on fixing the problem.
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    We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for
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    The 6th game brought to you from your favorite Okinawan mobile device game developers, SummerTimeStudio.
    We have constructed a beautiful world using console game engine technology.
    You can control holy arrows through the sky with just your finger.

    Once upon a time, a giant evil hole suddenly appeared in the outskirts of the legendary kingdom.
    From that portal out came the monsters that have only existed in legends and folktales.
    Then one archer with the ability to shoot holy arrows was summoned by the king to fight against the approaching monsters before they reach the kingdom. Fight as the Holy Archer to regain the peace that was lost to the forces of evil.

    - You can play this game with a single finger.
    - Damage and destroy your enemies before you run out of arrows.
    - There isn’t a single route to clear a stage, find different paths and explore.
    - There are Gold, Silver, and Bronze treasure chests placed around the map. Hit them to uncover what is inside.
    - There are 10 monsters in all, find their weak points to take them down efficiently.
    - Maximum graphic quality, switch between 3 quality levels to experience the best graphics mobile games can offer.

    【Recommended Model】
    On and after iOS 5.0.
    On and after iPhone 4S.

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