Adventurous Maze




    Work your way through the maze from start to finish picking up the two keys to unlock the doors at the opposite end. Be wary though, monsters are lurking everywhere and blasting bombs, evade them at all costs!

    This game gives you the feeling of playing puzzle and adventure kind of games. Yes! You have to solve the maze and should escape from enemies to save your life. It would be really fun!

    ◆ 3 different challenging Mazes with more difficulty options
    ◆ Different player character, background images
    ◆ Different difficulty options to enrich replayability
    ◆ Can challenge with your friends by posting your scores to Facebook
    ◆ Game Center added to compete with other friends
    ◆ Excellent game play

    How to play?
    ▪ Choose maze, player and difficulty options to start the game
    ▪ Reach 'Finish' point by solving maze. This is the objective of the game
    ▪ Touch on the grey colored tiles(possible movement t lies) to move the player
    ▪ Use 'Invisibility Power' button at top right corner to make the player invisible from enemies
    ▪ Collect bomb/mine pickups which help you to kill the enemies
    ▪ Touch on the bomb/mine icon to place bomb/mine. If you place bomb, wait for a while till the bomb exploded. Else you will die.
    ▪ Use jump points to escape from monsters in emergency situations
    ▪ You must collect two keys to unlock the doors near 'Finish' point
    ▪ Be aware! Enemies also will place and blast the bombs.