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    Buddy & Me: Dream Edition's review

    Published: 2014-03-06, by .

    Adorable, relaxing, dreamy endless runner

    • Genuinely appeals to your inner child
    • Visual presentation a lovely combo of artistic and cartoon
    • Solid controls
    • Playing is actually relaxing
    • None

    "Dream a little dream of me"

    Remember your favorite dream as a kid? The one you always hoped you'd be able to go back to each night? That's precisely the happy nostalgic feeling washing over you as you play Sunbreak Games' Buddy & Me - of magic, of being cared for unconditionally, of joyous exploration. Go on, call my cheesy bluff - then play it for yourself, and see if a toothy grin doesn't spread itself across your face too.

    A young boy sleeps peacefully in his bed. The world opens to him as he begins to dream, always returning to the same lush treetop world where his flying floppy-eared friend Buddy awaits him for adventure. Run, jump, and glide through the platforms, and never fear - when a gap's too wide to cross, Buddy will zip ahead to help you out. Coast through the skies collecting stars and crooning angel bunnies, or just swing from his bushy tail like a tire swing (which your dreamscape is replete with too, of course!). The bunnies will give you a lift should you stumble; your real opponent here is the clock. Snag time upgrades whenever possible to keep the dream going on and on.

    Seriously, I think I broke out in a grin every couple seconds when taking Buddy & Me for a testrun. The word is "adorable," there's just no way around it. And yet, it's never cloying nor over-the-top: it feels like a privileged window into the genuine enthusiasm and wonder that children naturally have for exploring the world, both asleep and awake.

    The sweet cartoony characters contrast in harmony with the artistically sprawling background landscapes. It doesn't get much better than this, folks. Unlike the large majority of skill-based games, this one actually makes you more relaxed as you play it.

    Compare your star/bunny capturing skills with your friends via leaderboard if you like.

    Sunbreak Games' Buddy & Me fulfills an innovative emotional niche, one that earnestly and endearingly awakens your inner child through adventures that can only happen in dreams.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 06, 2014


    Explore a world of dreams with Buddy, in this award-winning endless adventure about friendship!

    "The only way this game could get more adorable is if it actually hugged you." -- Joystiq

    Every night, a young child returns to the same dream to play with his magical best friend and floppy-eared companion, Buddy. With Buddy’s help, together they glide, jump, swing, bounce, and fly through a never-ending enchanted forest of treehouse-inspired obstacles, curious creatures, and natural wonders.

    Discover the wonderful world of Buddy & Me, filled with adorable characters, beautifully painted landscapes, and a catchy soundtrack. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view… or challenge yourself to see how far you can dream before waking!


    • NEW! Unlock outfits, seasons, concept art, and gameplay boosts!
    • Automatically adapts to your play, appropriate for all ages/skills.
    • Never run alone again! Enjoy the constant companionship and aid of Buddy.
    • Never play the same game twice! Freshly arranged obstacles every dream.
    • Collect star seeds to fly with Buddy, and swarms of angel bunnies for more time!
    • Share Leaderboard scores and Achievements with friends.

    "From the characters to the animation, and finally back to the music. This game has talent to spare." -- Family Friendly Gaming

    "...a beautiful world and a reason to feel what it is like to be a child once again." -- 148 Apps

    Winner, "People's Choice Award”, 2013 iFest Seattle

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