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    Published: 2014-03-11, by .

    Point-and-tap puzzle solving with a Ferris flavor

    • Ferris Bueller references galore (... you killed the car.)
    • Puns aplenty
    • Reminiscent of old point-and-click adventure games
    • Free (optional) hints keep things moving should you get stuck
    • Not a looker

    "Only the meek get pinched. The strong survive."

    Les jeux sont fait. No wait - they're just beginning, and with a heaping helping of absurd puns decked out with 80s references. In Glitch Games' Ferris Mueller's Day Off, play not as the eponymous title character but rather as Rooney, bumbling his way through town in search of his lost green mule.

    Processing Ferris Bueller references through a mule-o-matic machine and spitting out a point-and-tap game doesn't seem like it would work, but for fans of both genres, the intersection ends up being engaging. The original flick was so ripe with references (have you seen Alien?) that discovering them lurking around the corner of each puzzle feels rewarding in itself. The town setting is complex enough to present a challenge, and free hints keep things moving right along should you find yourself stumped.

    The audio design is pretty durn great; plenty of the dialogue includes voice acting that legitimately recalls the movie characters without being derivative, and the soundtrack is original. The adventure auto-saves so you can go back to puzzling right where you left off.

    The huge negative: the art is terribly crude. It might appeal if you've been looking for something that stands stark against the tendency towards extremes (either retro-pixel-minimal or hyper-polygon-break-your-device-realistic), but IMO looks more like a back-of-the-class doodle than anything else.

    This homeliness is too bad, because the cleverness of Glitch Games' Ferris Mueller's Day Off is worth dabbling in for those nostalgic for the spirit of the old point-and-click adventure games (Leisure Suite Larry, Freddy Pharkas, Gobliins, etc etc). Recommended anyway, with reservations.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 11, 2014


    From the creators of Forever Lost which has had over 3 million downloads worldwide!

    “Life moves pretty fast.” says Ferris Mueller, a barnyard mule. “If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

    Ferris Mueller’s Day Off —a point’n’click game from the creators of Forever Lost — is all about searching for a mule that is off sick. It’s full to the brim with clever puzzles, interesting characters, colourful locations and puns galore.

    It is your role as the headteacher and owner of Ferris to find him and bring him back. Speak to the townspeople and solve puzzles to find the 9 golden carrots that Ferris has hidden for you to locate.

    In the immortal words of Andrew Clark, from The Breakfast Club, “We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all.”


    • Inspired by classic point’n’click adventure games and the love of great 80’s films.
    • Colourful hand drawn artwork.
    • In game camera so you can take photos of all the clues and rooms you find.
    • A fantastic soundtrack by Richard Moir that also includes the music of Franc Cinelli.
    • A built in hint system included at no extra cost to ensure you never get stuck for too long.
    • Auto-save feature with 8 separate save slots, never lose your progress again.


    • “reminiscent of older point-and-click adventures” - 148 Apps
    • "if you’re a fan of point-and-click adventure games, you do not want to miss this one" - AppUnwrapper
    • "a refreshingly zinester spin on the standard point-and-click" - IndieGameReviewer

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