Hammer Quest - Runner RPG of the Year Christmas Edition

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    Hammer Quest - Runner RPG of the Year Christmas Edition

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    Published: 2014-03-04, by .

    Hammer in hand, you shall endlessly, epically run

    • Precision controls
    • Top-notch graphics (and adjustable too)
    • Many upgrades/loot to discover
    • Another endless runner

    "Stop. Hammertime!"

    Oh no, an obstacle! Do you jump over it, slide under it, magic through it, or just smash the heck out of it? Albin Falk's Hammer Quest is an endless runner, yes, but just about the perfect one in terms of graphics, goodies, and difficulty.

    Run as far as your little medieval legs will take you through city, country, and beyond. Slide under grates, leap over boulders, and smash boxes to smithereens with your hammer to encounter fat stacks of gold. The occasional treasure chest contains great wealth and/or upgrades to your armor and weapon, which can also be purchased via the armory.

    Graphics are phenomenal, running super smoothly on my Nexus 4 even at the highest level. If you've got a lower level device, it's easy to scale back the polygons; the experience still looks slick. Control your man by tilting to steer him and swiping to jump, slide, and smash.

    The difficulty is calibrated exactly right to make gameplay super addictive. It's simple to increase your skill through practice, but you've definitely got to keep your head in the game to avoid the rapidly oncoming obstacles.

    If you're looking for a new endless runner to quench your thirst, Albin Falk's Hammer Quest is a thoroughly excellent choice.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 04, 2014


    Thousands of people have joined the quest for epic loot! What are you waiting for?
    Run through six unique enviroments, collect chests containing weapons, armors and gold!
    Upgrade weapons, armors and different abilities!

    Visit to see the progress of friends and other players!

    - Swipe controls for jumping, sliding and swinging your hammer
    - Endless running through six epic environments
    - Upgrade your hammers, armors and abilities
    - Smash crates and barrels stuffed with coins
    - Upload your scores to our leaderboard
    - Find chests that may contain hammers, armors or coins
    - Ultimate control over your character
    - HD Graphics with real time shadows

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