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    There is a lot of hype around an app that allows people to walk around, find monsters, battle, and collect prizes. We get it and think that's great, but it was not the first and won't be the last.

    Since 2013, more than 500,000 people have downloaded this app, collected millions of Monsters within the app, have risen in a global leaderboard, and have chatted with others playing the game, out finding monsters in their nearby surroundings.

    There are definitely more monsters in the cities, but there are rare monsters in the suburbs, in parks, near ponds, and you will be rewarded by searching and discovering where these baddies hang out.

    In a world that you can enter, go through a quick tutorial, and be out monster hunting in minutes, whether you are 5 years old or 85 years old, you can get the best from anarobic exercise as you walk around and swipe to capture monsters.

    This is a different application, using a different version of alternate reality. Streets are labeled, something that people seem to be asking for in other games. Once you arrive at a spot, you can navigate using a joystick! This is ideal for those of us who find it annoying to have to walk around and have people know that you are monster hunting vs. watching captivating videos or video chatting.


    You get lots of great features:

    - Earn Navigation and Teleport features by visiting stores in the game!
    - The fictional world you enter mirrors our own, street names and notifications
    - Communicate with other monster hunters and beat them by rising in the leaderboard
    - There are dozens of monster species
    - Capture monsters, clear monster patches, and get stamps & prizes that you can show off to friends
    - Upgrade your equipment by completing missions!
    - Use Snacks, Bombs, and whistles to lure monsters towards you
    - Develop gold mines that enable you to earn gold daily
    - Create mileposts so you can travel between spots without having to hop in a car, take a bus, or ride a bike.
    - Build road networks and earn in-app prizes
    - 25 levels, multiple missions, daily challenges, and a mixture of rewards
    - Enjoy whether you are young, anti-social, fun at parties, or just want to brag about how you knew about all the crazy fun years before everybody else!
    - Are you really still reading this?

    Map Monsters requires an internet connection to play (3G or WiFi), as well as access to your location.

    Works great on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Even works on your friends and parents' iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. What are you waiting for? Be cool when you get back to school, tell everyone that you are different, chart your own course, and that other game is so last summer...

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