Medieval Archery Bow and Arrow Goblin Hunting




    You are in a fantasy kingdom, armed with your legendary bow and arrow, and you are on the hunt for the most wicked of monsters.

    Before your big adventure, you have asked your friend, Roman Dora, to help you practice. He is the only one fearless enough (and dumb enough) to place the tiny red goblin you are shooting at, on his head.

    Make sure you aim careful so that you hit the goblin with your arrow and not your friend.

    If you hit Roman, your arrow will surely kill him and your game will end.

    Here are the rules to the game: Hit the tiny red goblin as many times in a row as you can. If you miss, your game ends and your score streak ends.

    Controls: Tap and pull forward to give power to your bow. Move your finger up and down to aim the bow, and then release the screen with your finger to fire your arrow.

    Medieval Archery: Bow and Arrow Goblin Hunting, is a fun adventure for the whole family, both kids and adults! Enjoy this free fantasy archery game.

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