Mombari is an award-winning puzzle adventure game with beautiful 3D fantasy worlds. Now available for iOS.

    ----- Story -----
    A powerful wizard threatens Mombari's village. To save the day, Mombari must gather all the magic rings in an immersive 3D fantasy world...while avoiding the wizard's traps! A magic map is Mombari's friend; ghosts his enemies. But to find his way without touching a ghost or becoming trapped in a dead end street, Mombari must use all his cunning...

    ----- How to Play -----
    Tilt your iPhone or iPad to move Mombari through 3D worlds while collecting all magic rings along the way. Avoid touching ghosts or neutralize them with the magic wand. Only when all the magic rings have been gathered and he reaches the exit will Mombari be taken to the next stage.

    ----- Mombari in the Press -----
    "...Mombari is an outstanding game..." --
    "...It combines elements of an adventure game with lots of exciting puzzles and excellent graphics with varied levels and offers an unusual but extremely interesting way to control the character..." --

    "...Conclusion: not only interestingly animated, but also tricky!" --

    "...Conclusion: Get Mombari to play an exceptionally good action-puzzle in a beautiful animated 3D world ... the graphics and the game idea is really cool."--

    WON the third place of the AppCampus Germany 2013 Competition

    ----- Hardware Requirements -----
    Mombari is specifically optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 or newer.

    ----- More about Software 7 GmbH -----
    Support/Requests: support [at] software7 [.] com