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    Published: 2014-03-18, by .

    Sonic CD is the Android version of the well-known Sega game

    • Pure nostalgia
    • Leaderboards
    • Classic graphics and soundtrack
    • Sonic's essence
    • Lite version is too short
    • Screenpad should be enhanced

    "Androidified Sonic"

    Sonic was not dead but waiting his chance to show up in a worthy platform like Android. Twenty years later we've changed our Game Gear for smartphones and tablets, however, Sonic the Hedgehog is still as addictive as we remember it. I'd say, even more addictive.

    In this new version, Sonic will have to finish off Dr. Eggman's by using the power of Little Planet to travel through time and destroy his machines in the past before it becomes too powerful. Environments looks familiar, although that new time-travel feature has boosted playability.

    Gameplay is the same: complete the level as fast as possible while grabbing as many rings and power-ups as you can. Time, rings and power-ups will determine final score. Actually, time really matters: you'll have to complete levels in a minimum time to unlock the final boss.

    This Lite version has only two levels and a final-boss (locked until you beat the record). Graphics are similar to classic Sonic: Sega knows that risky graphics would have made Sonic losing its essence. Soundtracks remains faithful to its origins. Likewise, it features 16:9 widescreen, achievements and leaderboards.

    The only catch of the game: it's a bit weird and sometimes tricky playing it with a screenpad, specially when performing classic Sonic launching. Despite of this, must-have game.

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    Mar 18, 2014


    Time travel to save the world in SEGA's highly acclaimed Sonic platformer that introduced Amy Rose and Metal Sonic!

    Past, present, and future collide as Sonic battles to rescue Amy Rose and recover the seven Time Stones! Travel through time to defeat Dr. Eggman and his fiendish creation, Metal Sonic.

    Sonic CD is part of the SEGA Forever classic games collection, a treasure trove of free SEGA console classics brought to life on mobile!

    - Collect all seven Time Stones to defeat Dr. Eggman and save Amy Rose
    - Time travel between the past, present, and future versions of each level
    - Use Sonic's spin dash and super peel out moves to zoom around stages
    - Clear the game to unlock Miles "Tails" Prower
    - Sonic CD now features both the US and Japanese soundtracks!

    - LEADERBOARDS – compete with the world for high scores
    - CONTROLLER SUPPORT: MFi compatible controllers

    - (9/10) IGN: "This is a great, fully featured port for iOS
    - (5/5) Touch Arcade: "Sonic CD is incredible"
    - (4.5/5) 148 Apps: "looks and runs perfectly"

    - "Nothing could be simpler to pick up and play." [92%] - Steve White, Mega Action (December 1993)

    - "Sonic CD is cracking video entertainment of the highest order." [91%] - Tim Tucker, SEGA Zone #13 (November 1993)

    "Any fan of Sonic will want to get their hands on this immediately." [90%] - Mark Hill, SEGA Pro #25 (November 1993)

    “The most amazing Sonic adventure to date.” [90%] - Vincent Low, Sonic the Comic #15 (11th December 1993)

    "An excellent platform game with an ingenious game structure." [89%] - Paul Mellerick, MEGA #13 (October 1993)

    "Sonic CD is the Hog's best outing yet." [88%] - SEGA Power #48 (November 1993)

    "Sonic CD is the best advertisement for Mega CD yet." [87%] - Andy Martin, Mega Drive Advanced Gaming #16 (December 1993)

    "Sonic CD is an absolute must for Mega CD owners." [87%] - Julian Rignall, SEGA Magazine #1 (January 1994)

    "Once again SEGA have come up trumps with another great foray into the world of the spiky, blue megastar." [85%] - Mark Smith, SEGA Force Mega #6 (December 1993)

    "Gameplay's as slick as you'd expect of a Sonic game; the same goes for the graphics." [85%] - Warren Lapworth, Mega Machines #1 (December 1993)

    - Sonic CD was the first game to feature Sonic speaking - leave Sonic standing still for three minutes to hear him!
    - The original release of Sonic CD featured a secret spooky message screen that would greet data pirates
    - Sonic CD features two endings, and was the first in the series to feature full motion video cut scenes.
    - European and Japanese versions of the game featured different music to its American counterpart

    - Sonic CD first released in Japan on September 23, 1993
    - Sonic CD was the SEGA CD's best-selling game of all time at 1.5 million copies
    - The first Sonic game to feature CD-quality Red Book audio
    - Remastered in 2011 by Christian Whitehead, the man behind Sonic Mania

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