Stick Girl Adventures - Paper Airplane Racing in Paris




    Check out a new kind of flying game in a zany iPhone app called Adventures of Stick Girl! In this addicting cartoon game, you play a stick girl riding on a paper airplane as it's thrown through the air, and you have to avoid obstacles while racking up points by swooping silver and gold coins out of the air.

    Players get access to multiple plan options, including the basic paper airplane and more complicated, aerodynamic plane designs as well as different pilot outfits for the stick girl! Just upgrade for faster, more coordinated models and bring the stick girl to a new level of flying prowess.

    High-flying obstacles include lumbering flies, bees, and other kids set on smashing you and your plane into a crumpled ball of paper on the floor. As you rack up points, the flying just gets tougher, and then you can share your scores with friends in Game Center. How long can you keep flying high?

    A fun family game by Free Action Games Plus Fun Apps, Adventures of Stick Girls is available on the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, or 5. Get in on the wild flying action by downloading now!

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