Zombies - Dark Future 2049




    Are you prepared for a terrifying apocalyptic future set in 2049?

    It’s getting dark outside, so you better be sure your barricade is ready. If you were lucky the night before, then you may have met some fellow apocalypse survivors to help you defend your base. Or you might have found some weapons to make your defense easier.

    Use pistols, machine guns, shot guns and even a futuristic laser to fight off the ever-increasing zombie hordes. Seek out much needed supplies and look for signs of life in this AMAZING zombie apocalypse game. There must be other survivors out there, somewhere, if only you can find someone, you might have a fighting chance to survive Dark Future 2049.

    • Action packed gaming experience
    • Awesome graphics
    • Intuitive controls
    • Many weapon choices from pistols to lasers, and even grenades
    • Horrific zombies that get tougher every night you survive

    Good luck survivor!