Colour Mania




    Just download and enjoy the fun with color balls by blasting them.

    Fun and challenging game.

    Easy to play but hard to finish within time. It increases your decision making skills and also improves your memory.


    *30 fun levels with multiple interesting pickups.


    *Magnet absorber

    *Combo star

    *Snow Environment

    * High-quality graphics and animations

    *Kids also will enjoy this game.

    *enjoyable Sound and animations.

    * Unlock the achievements

    *Addictive colorful ball game,Its free, grab it now!!!

    How to play->

    *Collect the colour ball which is shown on the rightmost corner of the sequence.Collect all the balls within a given time.

    *Collect 100ball to get extra 100 points!!

    *Collect green+ pickup this pickup to get extra 5 seconds!!

    *Dont collect red- pickup.If you collect this,you will lose 3 seconds!!

    *Ice Cube

    If you collect ice cube pickup,game environment will be freezed.So you can easily collect the color balls.

    *Magnet Pickup
    Collect this magnet ball to get a magnet absorber!!
    If you collect the magnet ball ,you will get a magnet.You can place this magnet to any one corner of the woodenbox by drag and drop.After placing the magnet you have to assign a color to that magnet from colour panel.Corresponding colour magnet will absorb corresponding color balls.You can change the colour of the magnet by touching the magnet holder.

    *Combo Star
    For each 500 points,you will get a combo star.To blast 10 same colour balls,use this combo star.

    *Colour Blindness
    Colour Blindness area will show the ball colour as black.You can remove this blindness area by mini game.
    If you touch eye icon on the hud layer,minigame will appear to remove color blindness.

    If you collect tablet pickup,colorblindness area will be reduced in size!!

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