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    Published: 2014-07-01, by .

    Elegant, minimalist challenge: Mash and split and blast the planets according to color and form

    • Gorgeous, simple visuals and music
    • Ultra-challenging minimalist puzzles
    • Unique game mechanics
    • Several modes of play
    • Tons of replayability
    • Quite challenging! Not for the Candy Crush crowd

    "Chain reactions of color and form"

    Splitting, combining, and exploding planets in Eliss Infinity feels rather like playing God with gobs of loose, reactive elements immediately post-Big Bang. The aim each time is to lead a planets of the right size of the right color to its awaiting portal, which you've got to manage without touching any other planets and before the portal blows itself apart.

    Sounds potentially confusing, but isn't, thanks to a step-by-step, wordless tutorial quickly giving you the run-down of the tricks in your bag. That's not to say it's easy: quite the opposite. Eliss Infinity is chaotic and frenetic, the blooming planets quickly becoming out of control without constant, accurate attention. The 25 levels in the original mode will keep you manipulating spheres for ages. There's also an infinite mode (of course), plus a Spacebox mode wherein you can play around with the elements without losing (a great option for tinkerers and children alike).

    The blips of music are the ideal accompaniment to the minimalist graphics. There's nothing not to love about Eliss Infinity.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jul 01, 2014


    The "Most Innovative Game" award-winning multitouch puzzler is back!

    Use your fingers to control all the planets, fuse planets together until they become giant, or split them into halves until they become tiny, you're in charge of this reactive universe. Just don't let different colors touch!

    Eliss is an award winning and critically praised game, with innovative multitouch gameplay, a stylish and fluid procedural design, dynamic sounds, and a superb soundtrack. It's a fast-paced puzzle/action game that will push your limits as a player.

    Eliss Infinity includes:

    • Infinity, a new game, this time endless and score based. Line up bigger combos to increase your score and receive larger powerups. This is the most fun and replayable Eliss has ever been.
    • Odyssey, the original game with its 25 levels, polished and this time with an interactive tutorial, and an unlockable music arpeggiator.
    • Spacebox, a new mode where you can generate planets and play with them without losing. Train your skills, release your stress, or let the younger children play.
    • A new slick look, and new features like warnings of future collisions, for a more pleasurable experience. And for the nostalgic, the option to revert to the original look.
    • More music: two epic songs for Infinity, along with the four superb songs from Odyssey.
    • Universal support. For the first time, Eliss works natively on all iOS devices and screens. This game has never felt this great.
    • Sync. Your progress can be saved on your Game Center account, so you can continue playing from any device, and multiple users can make their own progress on the same device.
    • Leaderboards and challenges. Accept a challenge from a friend and track it from within the game.
    • All of this wrapped within an original, brand new big pixel interface, beautifully designed from scratch. This game feels as splendid as your iOS device.


    Praise for the original Eliss:

    Touch Arcade:
    * "A puzzler that's perfect for the iPhone."
    * "There's no game in the AppStore that uses multitouch so fully. Eliss is not to be missed."
    * "A multitouch marvel and indie favourite. This is puzzle gaming at its most intuitive."
    * "There's nothing else like Eliss."
    Cult Of Mac:
    * "The multi-touch controls are a revelation."
    Boing Boing:
    * "One of the most essential games for the platform."

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