Feed your Frog




    !!!! Welcome to Frog Town !!!!
    You have chosen to be part of this town and try your luck. Mayor of Frog Town appreciates your decision and needs your support in running the town.

    Every day life was very easy for inhabitants of frog town. However, recently an onslaught of deadly flies is killing the frogs. You need to help frogs by feeding the good flies while staying away from the bad ones. If you feed a bad fly or a bat or a bird then your frog will actually explode into pieces.

    Watchout, there will be spiders, ants, bats & deadly birds and so many other deadly insects on the way !!!!

    How to play
    Touch the frog and Drag your finger towards the flies. Frog's tongue would stick out to eat flies.

    - Earn scores while feeding flies to the frog
    - Get awesome achievements on Game Center ranks.
    - See where you stand on Game Center Leaderboard
    - See your best and last scores within the game
    - See instructions screen to know how to play game

    This game is tightly integrated with Game Center. you would enjoy more features and better game play if you login to Game Center while app starts.

    Any questions, feedback or concerns;
    drop an email on