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    Play this new and original gravity game and get to the wormhole

    • Challenging
    • Fun and entertaining
    • Original

    "Newt is lost in space"

    Newt is an alien who wants to get to the wormhole but gravity has always been a problem and he needs your help. You need to press and drag away from Newt to choose the angle and speed and then release your finger to launch him. After that, Newt's movement will depend on the gravity (pull and push). If Newt gets stuck, you can easily restart again.

    In addition, you can unlock bonus levels by collecting stars and awards and explore the scene with the left buttons that are located on the bottom left. The graphics are great and the physic moves are excellent. That's not all: Gravity Free provides an original gameplay that you'll definitely enjoy as soon as you try it.

    It can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating but it's really fun and entertaining for passing the time. Gravity Free has a detailed tutorial and awards (slow, fast) so it's a very complete game.

    Pelnor is the developer of this application, a new and enjoyable casual game for iOS that you should try. It's original and although it can be similar to some, it still has its own special characteristics that make it a great choice.

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    Jun 26, 2013


    Now you can have the power of gravity all in your fingertips! Gravity lets you create your own solar system of customizable planets. You can then fire the cannons you have placed to watch the fascinating effects of gravity on your new solar system. The patterns and orbits that can be made are truly fascinating.

    Make an extremely complex solar system of planets with varying sizes, densities, and amounts of gravity and see how the cannon balls react, or make simple solar systems where you can see perfect orbits. You can even make planets have anti-gravity! Once you’re done, save your solar system and come back to it later to make it even better.

    You now have the power to create a solar system all your own!

    Crashes fixed in version 1.5!!

    -NEW destroy planets with SUPER PLANET OF DESTRUCTION!
    -NEW use explosive balls!
    -Create solar systems with up to 10 planets
    -Planets are fully customizable, you can change color, size, density, and strength of gravity
    -Place up to 5 cannons on each planet
    -Space to save 4 different solar systems
    -Easy to use interface
    -Accurate formulas for gravity
    -Gravitational Field button which shows the gravitational field as a slope field
    -In-App upgrade for full features and to remove ads

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