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    Published: 2013-02-04, by Peter Warrior.

    A bike driving game

    • Fun for fun's sake
    • It may be too simple
    • Needs more maps, characters and overall stuff

    "Born to be wilder"

    Highway Rider is about riding a bike on a highway while trying to don't kill yourself, which is pretty curious because a)the more reckless you are the more points you score; and b) people has taken the bad habit of parking in the shoulder without even turning warning lights on. Hopefully, one of the best features of this game are ragdoll physics and that you get a medical report when game's over.

    However, in a game that gives so much importance to physics, cones seem made of reinforced concrete, there isn't a single turn and drivers change lanes at random. In fugitive mode -far more fun than arcade mode- it isn't clear who chases whom.

    There can be that this game, thanks to its overall simpleness and straightforwardness, is like by you. Then, know that there are six unlockable characters -two of them from Beyond- and that game's free with adds between replays. Don't forget to tap on the left of the screen to show you off and make things more spectacular.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Feb 04, 2013


    Highway Rider is a free and exciting motorcycle racer that lets you dodge traffic with blazing fast speed and zoom down a busy highway, passing by cars and semis, and building up your points to become the best there is!

    Escape the flashing blue lights of the police by speeding through traffic barriers and narrowly avoiding collisions. Collect tons of unlockable racers, share photos and videos of your collisions with other racers, and customize your bike in this high speed motorcycle action game.


    Extreme Racing
    > Dart and dodge traffic while trying to get the high score with close calls between cars and trucks!
    > Use boosts to go faster and increase your scores on 4 different highways.
    > Customize Your Bike
    > Customize your motorcycle and give your racers their own unique style!
    > Unlock all 10 characters with their own motorcycles and outfits!

    Real-time Multiplayer Races
    > Battle other racers in head-to-head racing games and other multiplayer games.
    > Share your spectacular crashes and wipeouts with all of your friends!
    > Complete online racing challenges and unlock achievements!

    Fugitive Mode
    > Outrun the cops and break through police barricades in this furious game of cat and mouse!

    Speed junkies, slap on your motorcycle helmets and experience some high-octane racing! Zoom down the open roads and try not to crash! Highway Rider is the ultimate racing game for any motorcycle fan!

    Comment below your feature requests and favorite features! We will continue to update the app with more content and features.
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