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    iSort Machine is an addictive and fast-paced multi-touch sorting puzzle game that will test your aptitude and reaction times to the limit.

    Different coloured tokens come slowly at first down a conveyor belt and you must sort them into the correct coloured container. Sounds easy, right? Guess again, the game adapts to your skill level making it faster and harder to sort the tokens before they drop off the bottom of the belt.

    Any tokens you miss or accidentally knock off the side fall to the bottom and pile up. When the pile gets too high, it's Game Over. However, there are a few special tokens that can help you reduce the pile...

    Rainbow tokens can be sorted into any of the coloured containers and all tokens of the same colour as the container you choose will evaporate.

    Skull tokens should not be sorted, you should drop these into the pile as they will destroy any other tokens they come into contact with.

    Gold tokens can also be sorted into any container, they temporarily slow down the conveyor belt giving you a break from the fast-paced action and time to get back on top of things.


    Multi-touch support - Using more fingers can speed up your sorting and help you to achieve higher scores.

    Awesome sound effects by Tom Gray Audio.

    High-scores table to monitor your performance and progress.

    Chipmunk Physics engine for accurate simulation of the piled up tokens (also uses the built-in accelerometer).

    Cool text and particle effects that get more intense the better you are doing.

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