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    Killer Shooting Sniper X - HD game version

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    Get Killer Shooting Sniper X HD- top game for clear vision training, today for free

    - Aim for the crotch for maximum pain and maximum points !!
    - Shoot out their cigarette !!
    - Blow off their hat !!
    - And finish them with a head shot to the temple for maximum accuracy !!

    This is Killer Shooting Sniper X HD - top training game for clear vision and sniper style games, where your mission is to sniper shoot waves of bad guys on the run trying to kill your girl friend. A steady hand and careful aim are essential, but when things get tough, it calls for a mini gun !! it's gonna get messy :)

    Players who love shooting games like contract killer, call of duty, and battlefield will have a lot of fun with this game. Amazing, simple game play, extreme gore, and free to download.

    How to play:
    To aim, drag the crosshairs with one finger, and tap anywhere on the screen with another finger to shoot. Make sure to play using two fingers at the same time, this is a multi touch tap game. Shoot the killers in the centre of the head for a higher accuracy score. You can also get a high bonus score when you shoot off the bad guys arms, hats, cigarettes and crotch.

    New in this Version:
    - Blast those killers with the new rocket launcher
    - Share my score with friends on facebook
    - More blood splats and funny pain sounds
    - Links to all X Series games

    Words top 10 players (email us if you beat any scores here):
    1. Elmo 4 ladies man - 10000000
    2. John L - 28426
    3. Jib - 16878
    4. Alex Water - 16378
    5. Stephan Karaba - 15699
    6. Kumar Muthusamy - 15046
    7. Letty - 13727
    8. Perry The Great - 13700
    9. Nun - 13596
    10. Elme9 - 13579

    Some player reviews:
    "Sniping, machine guns, and all type of stuff u already know this is the game to get. Especially if u got kids that like guns and u want them out ur hair with buying them toy guns. Here is the solution. I give this 5 golden stars" - Louis C1122 (iPhone, August 2012).

    "This game is so simple, yet it is the greatest time killer I have seen since that game where birds that Are not HAPPY, get flung through the air via a Slingshot. I'm a Fan" - Hipster86 (iPhone, August 2012)

    Check out some video reviews online here:

    Completely free and hours of fun. Get Killer Shooting Sniper X- top training game for clear vision and sniper style games today.

    Happy Gaming :)
    The Cobalt Play Games team

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