Ladder Mania!™ - Fireman Rescue




    Fun! Fun! Fun!

    Kyle, the Amazing Wonder Dog, is a Fireman! Help him reach the fire before the building burns down.

    But wait! Kyle has climbed onto the wrong building and now must travel from building to building to reach the fire. Can he do it? Can you help him? How many buildings must he traverse? Will the ladder reach to the next building? Sometimes he will need help by using a fireman’s net to bounce to the next building. Kyle needs your help!

    Ladder Mania! is a skill-challenge game, for kids and adults alike, that requires hand-eye coordination to ensure the length of the ladder reaches the next building without going past. Press the Alarm Button to raise the ladder. Release the Alarm Button and watch the ladder fall. As an added bonus, a fireman’s net is used to bounce Kyle to the next building. Move the net left or right using the alarm buttons.

    - Challenge Your Friends for Highest Score!
    - Great Time-Killer Game!
    - Kids love it! So do Adults!

    Look for more Kyle, the Amazing Wonder Dog, adventures in future games!

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