Let's Skate




    Welcome to this epic skateboarding game that is so super easy to learn but extremely hard to master that it will keep you entertained for a lovely long time.
    Forget about the rest, you are the new freestyle king showing magnificent moves and tricks flying high through the air right onto your screen in over 40 action-packed levels. No matter if Ollies, 360 Flips or Backside Airs: grab your skateboard, put your feet on and let the adventure begin. But don't be slow, not only the time but also the police may be chasing you.
    Fun for the kids and entire family!

    Features include:

    * 35+ challenging skateboarding levels
    * Race against the clock and the police
    * 5 awesome in air tricks for additional points
    * Gather as many coins for additional points
    * Many different characters
    * Power Boosts to help you get through that challenging level
    * Level Skips - When you just can't get past that one level
    * Free multiplayer integration
    * Multiplayer for iPhone and iPad
    * Classic PvP
    * Contest against multiple players at the same time

    To get speed simply press and hold your finger on the screen when going downhill and release when going uphill. Sounds easy, but there is definitely a strategy required in order to make it down in the allotted time.

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