O2Jam U

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    [O2Jam U Event]
    - Gift 3 days free-pass(Ticket) for the new user
    - Point auto recharge Power Up Event
    1 point per every 3 min. Max 12 Points
    - Free Point Earn Event
    able to earn points if remained points are below 12, so you need to play a song to earn the points again.

    Blockbuster rhythm action game, O2Jam U!
    - Enjoy the No.1 music game in an updated 1.5 version -

    ◆◇◆Unique features only in O2Jam U!◆◇◆
    O2Jam U brings perfect sense of hitting notes!
    Enjoy the ultimate experiences while playing the music and enjoying our unique system,
    changing speed of falling notes~
    Have the feel of it!

    ◆◇◆Experience our special CHIP system! ◆◇◆
    Total 19 CHIPs including 8 types of new CHIPs from this update gives you more extraordinary fun!
    Play with the chips of our upgraded O2Jam U and catch the thrill of it.

    ◆◇◆O2Jam with online masterpiece◆◇◆
    Online Masterpiece, V3,Tocatta and Fuga etc. are featured in O2 Jam
    You can enjoy true O2Jam U through the weekly updated legendary masterpieces.

    ◆◇◆O2Jam U with K-pop◆◇◆
    Play the K-pop with No.1 music game, O2Jam U!
    You can play the best music game with the latest K-pop music
    and note system which are perfectly optimized by the music~

    ◆◇◆Level system for top of the ladder! ◆◇◆
    Introducing level system of O2Jam U from 1.5 version update!
    Be a top player by acquiring badges as you get them when you level up.

    ◆◇◆Ranking system for songs and nationality!◆◇◆
    O2Jam U 1.5 version provides ranking system showing the list of the players
    based on their ranks from 1st place to 10th place by songs!
    Be the best in both lists of music and national ranking.
    Beat the others to grab the top honor.

    ※ Feel the extreme thrill of life gauge system with special ladder badges from level 21!
    ”O2Jam U”, once you start, you can’t stop playing with it!
    1. Feel the powerful sense of hitting notes and rhythmic sense through perfectly optimized by the music for rhythm game
    2. Variety features added with 19 kinds of CHIPs
    3. Music and nationality ranking systems are supported by corresponding music
    4. Easy music management system by “My Album”
    5. Supporting “sliding” play mode
    6. Changing speed of falling notes
    7. Jam combo system
    8. Supporting horizontal/vertical mode
    9. Supporting diverse play mode

    - Key: 2,4,5 key
    - Level of difficulty: easy, normal, hard
    - Speed : X1 ~ X8

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