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    Published: 2014-01-28, by .

    Sketchbook Squad is a pixelated vertical platformer

    • Addictive
    • Pixelated retro graphics
    • Integration with Google Play Games leaderboards
    • Needs more power-ups and obstacles
    • Plain background

    "Pixels FTW!"

    OrangePixel keeps on its mission to bring pixels to every mobile gaming genre. Now it's time for a tilt-controlled vertical platformer, a successful genre with a legion of fans behind.

    Sketchbook Squad features a pixelated hero that must jump over platforms, collect cans and free his hero friends. Some of these cans are jumping boosters. However, there are also obstacles on the way: spikes, robots, lasers, meteorites.... Try to avoid them and beat the level.

    Well, since the background is a sketchbook, instead of level you beat chapters. If you free a hero friend before falling, you can continue with it once your main character has fallen. In addition, completed levels are like checkpoints: you can restart them from level selector.

    Try to grab as many cans as you can to beat level's score record and then share your marks on Google Play Games leaderboards (GPlus account is needed).

    Graphics are simple yet neat and polished. You came here looking for pixels (didn't you?), and that's what you get.

    More power-ups and obstacles would enhance its playability. Likewise, level's environment should change gradually for a better game's dynamism.

    Besides that, a highly-addictive game. Recommended.

    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jan 28, 2014


    For all our fans, here is our "yearly" free summer game!
    In the style of the endless jumper games, we introduce our new band of heroes:

    Sketchbook Squad !

    We plan on creating a few more game with these lovable, collectable, super heroes.
    For now, enjoy this free game, and thanks all of you for supporting our games :)

    Tilt to move the player, the more you move it to the left or right, the faster your super hero will jump/move in that direction.

    Use the platforms, rockets, and super soda cans to climb as high as possible.
    Avoid lasers, robots, meteorites, choppers and other hazards.

    In true Orangepixel style this game can be a bit more challenging then the other games in this genre!

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