Spiky HD Light




    Hurry! You have to protect your house from an ALIEN attack! Grab whatever object you can find to chase these monsters away! Use anything in sight to defend yourself! Who cares if you happen to burn down the living room after throwing a flaming log? This is YOUR house and only YOU have the right to destroy it.

    If you want to slow down a little and make the game easier, you can purchase the Double Weapon! Double Weapon is a one-time in-app purchase in Spiky that gives unlimited use of instruments to destroy monsters on any level you like.

    In addition to the Double Weapon, Spiky now offers special stuff for Spikies! Create a special theme for your Spiky game – Christmas Time, University Life, or your own personalized theme! Play, create, and enjoy!

    First 7 levels are free to play! You can unlock more levels if you like the game!

    •12 incredible levels
    •55 instruments for getting rid of monsters
    •Interactive environment
    •Amazing realistic representation
    •Easy controls, challenging game play
    •Compete against members of your family

    How to play:
    Tilt device to move spikies left or right, tap instruments to shoot.

    ITunes reviews
    "Spiky is way too cute. My kids just love this app. Not only cute but addictive too. My kids jumped right on and started playing and haven't stoped yet. Now maybe sometime mommy can get a turn ;)".

    "Life pressure is not released, this app just to satisfy my needs.. Damage can be hard, don't worry about the consequences.. I like it".

    "This game is so cute. My kids had so much fun throwing objects at the little spikeys which move pretty fast. The animation is good and the premise of the game is simple and easy for kids to follow without supervision".

    "Very fun and addictive, smooth graphics and gameplay. Thx to devs!".

    "Gotta love Spiky. You can hit him by throwing everyday household stuff. Be careful not to start a fire!".

    Important message for parents:
    This game may include the option to make in-app purchases. The person in charge of payment should always be consulted before making any purchases.