Meet Wally… Wally brings character and life to the most classic of puzzle games.
    Based on the Sokoban "push the block" games you need to guide Wally through his days at work; clearing the warehouse of all the empty pallets, left by the lazy workers before him.

    It sounds simple but there are some twists and turns of course; the warehouse is a hazardous place! Health and Safety keep a watchful eye but between them and the sloppy work crew Wally has his work cut out.

    Wally is charming, absorbing, friendly and fun. Beautiful graphics and animations transform, what would be a dull setting, into a vibrant, standout scene with clever level design.

    The concept is simple, push the blocks to the designated areas… but there are rules:

    You can only Push. No pulling.
    All empty pallets need to be in loading areas to complete the level.
    The faster you complete the level the better your rating.
    Can you work smart instead of hard?


    Over 30 levels of increasing difficulty.
    Auto-save function
    Unique levels and mechanics
    Original music and sounds.
    Seamless, swipe and hold control movement
    Go it alone or purchase undo's to help you out of sticky situations.
    Post to social media, brag or ask for help!