Letter Dance

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    +++You will be surprised to see how many words can be combined from just 9 letters, compete to find them all!

    Addictive word game - form as many words from 9 letters as fast as you can.
    Move the letters to the field in the center. Combine and rearrange to form short and long words. Words must be at least 3 letters long.

    Find the Solution Word!
    For each game there is one solution, combined from all nine letters. If you find this word, you are awarded with a special bonus: 10-times the normal word score.
    You score more for longer words, and also dark colored letters are more difficult to use and score higher than lighter colored letters.

    If you get stuck - shake it!
    Shake the game to receive a word suggestion. You can only use this 3 times per game. There is no penalty for using these words, they receive the normal score.

    Bonus Scores
    The solution (word): 10-times the word value
    word with 9 letters: 5-times the word value
    word with 8 letters: tripple word value
    word with 7 letters: double word value.

    Compete Online
    Supports the apple Game Center as well as our own Palugu highscore server.

    See all possible solutions
    All possible words are shown after each game - you will be amazed to see what words you missed!

    Critics and Reviews:
    ***** "Letter Dance - The perfect game for all puzzle fans", by App-Flash
    "Letter Dance - Brain training", by *****
    "Addictive" by tuckel2001 "This game is addictive ..."
    Fun!!!! - ***** by Rob1998 - Version 1.3 - Dec 27, 2011
    "Real fun, sometimes really tricky, and something for the whole family!"

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