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    Wordare is a game based on words.
    Letters fall from above, following parables that are always different, then go back up and disappear.
    You have to grab them on the fly and drag them to the right position so to compose the desired word.
    Be careful not to bump the flying bombs.

    You can spend the points you accumulate during the games to buy 4 different kinds of Bonuses that will help you to win the next games.

    The 4 bonuses:
    • Jolly: grab the flying Jolly and use it as if it were any of the letters that you are missing.
    • More time: get 10 more seconds to end the game.
    • Show the solution: for a few seconds you will be presented the word to compose or one of the possible words to compose.
    • No bombs: prevent the bombs to fly for the current word.

    There are 3 game modalities and 7 game types.
    You can play alone or you can challenge Online your friends or others random players in a real-time multiplayer match.

    Game modalities:
    • Endless: the game lasts until you finish it or until Game Over.
    • The first word within 1 minute: you have one minute to compose the word, less time it will take more points you earn.
    • Many words as possible within 2 minutes: you have two minutes to compose as many words as possible, more words you compose more points you earn.

    Game types:
    • One of One: the word to compose is shown.
    • One of Three: choose which word to compose between the 3 that are shown.
    • Complete it: some letters of the word to compose are shown.
    • Translate it: the word to compose is shown translated to another language.
    • Calculate it: a math oparation + - x ÷ is shown, compose the result.
    • Reorder it: the word to compose is shown with all the letters mixed.
    • Imagine it: the 'word' to compose is shown, where the letters are images.

    The games can be played in Italian or in English,
    though for the types: ‘One of One’, ‘One of Three’, ‘Calculate it’ and ‘Imagine it’ you do not need to know the language.