Tractor upgrades




    Two deck upgrades rule

    The basic rule
    Number of players:four players are required to participate in the game. One side, one side, the other.
    Source:two pairs of poker with 108 cards.
    The order of the cards:each wheel determines the order of the cards in random order.
    When the card is finished, the following game steps begin.

    The game is steps
    card:the system does not deduct the base card, 100 cards are sent to four players on average and 8 cards put dottom for the zhuang.
    call the master:call the card and call it, It is not allowed to see the other tripartite in the name of the card. Until the end of the card, no one is playing against the card, and can give it to the other three.
    The first anti-bottom pile, which is more than one card, can change the color of the main card, whichever comes first.
    When the card is over, the color of the flower color is given priority.
    Zhuang family:each game has one side to be the banker, the banker has the first round of the cards. At the end of the game,if the other side wins,the next game will be made by the zhuang-jia family,and if the other side wins,then the next one will be the next one.