Poker Clash




    You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can reinvent Poker!

    Poker Clash, the exciting & awesome new way to play the world's favourite card game. Try it for free.

    See how good you really are… Fed up with the long boring waits while people decide what to do? And the continuous all in's (no skill involved just a quick game of turnover), well finally it's all in your own hands.

    ** New Rules
    ** Skillful and challenging on all levels
    ** Card Kill - use it wisely, you can only use it once per deal
    ** Funny, friendly and insulting gifts!
    ** In game chat
    ** Play Poker Clash users worldwide
    ** See who's online and send Clash requests at any time
    ** Easy to learn and has a great walkthrough tutorial
    ** Global and Friend leaderboards, for a number of stats
    ** Daily login bonuses


    new and exciting game types:

    **1 Card Down - For beginners and those too afraid to go a little deeper
    **2 Card Down - How the game should be played
    **2 & 3 Flop Down - Are you good enough to be the best at this? Strictly professionals only!


    **Fully 3D environment and gameplay
    **New rules, new style, new game – THIS IS POKER CLASH
    **Play Vs friends, Enemies & Randoms, whenever you want
    **Brand new Poker gameplay & rules
    **Easy to learn and intuitive gameplay
    **Social Media integration
    **Secrets, gifts, and surprises throughout
    **Climb the rankings and become the best, and the richest!

    Don't get left behind!!

    Get yourself to the top of the leaderboards and be ready for the new challenges to follow soon!! (real money gambling , tournaments with prizes and other exciting things for the best players!!)