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    Nail Doctor - Toe Nail Surgery, Kids free games for fun

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    Published: 2015-09-01, by .

    Help out the patients with their nasty nail problems

    • Many tools to use on nail problems
    • Eww factor will appeal to kids
    • Straight up disgusting, honestly
    • Many ads

    "There's little worse than a hangnail"


    Like your mobile games simple, full of ads, and disgusting? Apparently a ton of you do, because Nail Doctor is one of the most popular apps on Appszoom. Each patient has a nasty nail problem, and you've got to use your brightly colored Fischer-Price tools to pop, snip, and extract. After you've cleared up the medical issues, you can paint your patient's body, because why not, and then send your corporal art to a surely appreciative friend. It's for kids, I'm hoping (and yet I know there must be a contingent of adults out there who collect these things, skulking about in their basement injecting cartoon toes with anesthetic. shudder).


    Keeps your children from running around screaming for a few minutes.


    Grody to the max. Tons of ads. Insipid.

    Original review from Jan 30, 2014:

    Be forewarned about GameiMax's Nail Doctor: only the grubbiest of kiddos with a penchant for the extremely grody is going to be fascinated by picking apart cartoon toe wounds.

    Select your patient and be treated to a macro look at his/her nail problems. Select the appropriate tool from below and apply it to the problem area; actions include injection, removing pus, and applying "colorful and funky bandages," just to give you an idea. After you've cured all the nasty bits, you can paint directly over your patient and send the art and healthy nails to a friend.

    The app is gross, there's no getting around that - but I could maybe see it appealing to macabre children. The amount of ads makes it dangerous to give to really young'uns, though; you're apt to find some accidental purchases made on your account.

    GameiMax's Nail Doctor is a weird, stomach-churning game designed for kids. I'm not personally thrilled about it, but I can see the application.

    Original score: 5.7/10

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    Sep 01, 2015


    Nail Doctor

    Nail Surgery is an innovative concept as of today. Our mission is to make awesome educational surgery games using an interactive, first-hand virtual surgery experience. Everyone knows that medicine and surgery are bit of boring and weird topic , but we believe that our visitors need an enjoyable, goal-oriented interactive experience to fully grasp the complex or unfamiliar concepts of surgery.

    Watch Demo Video:

    features of this game is as under
    => Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it
    => Shower is used to remove clay or any dust from injury.
    => Dryer is used to suck the water and kill small germs by its warm air.
    => Germs killer is used to kill the germs with animating way with attractive sound
    => Pus remover is used to remove a pus.
    => Cutton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds.
    => Ice is used for remove swelling
    => X- ray is used to scan your toe.
    => Painkiller-Spay is used to relief from toe pain.
    => Colorfull and funky bandage for your injury.
    => Cream facility for saving your toe and nail from infection.
    => Plaster is used to recover your Toe to be as before injury. and the funny thing in it is You can do colourful paint over the plaster.

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