Animal Hide & Seek Adventure




    Find cute animal friends and watch them do their silly tricks in this addictive seek and find game.

    "This is a perfect app for toddlers. It’s a simple concept with just the right amount of razzmatazz to keep them entertained and asking for more."
    -- The iPhone Mom

    "The illustrations are beautiful and the music really elaborated, great for a fun time but also exposing our kids to quality art."

    "The game is beautifully designed! Definitely check it out. Great start, Awesome Giant!"
    --iPhone Application List

    Awesome Giant's Animal Hide & Seek Adventure is an experiential game for toddlers, young children and the young at heart. The adorable and feisty cast of characters hide in rich Jungle, Ocean and Circus environments. They perform amusing tricks when they are found, providing a fun way to develop critical thinking skills.

    - Encourage your child to explore all four scenes in each adventure
    - Tap the hiding animals to get them to do their tricks
    - Inspired by the classic Peter the Wolf, each character has its own real instrument sound, including cello, saxophone, bongos, rattles, guitar, piano, castanets, trumpet and more
    - Tap the character's icon in the right panel for a hint
    - Find all characters in a scene and see a cool reward movie
    - Finish the adventure to see a super-powered reward movie
    - Hiding spots, tricks and sounds change every time you play

    - Three adventures: Jungle, Circus and Ocean
    - Each adventure has four different hiding scenes
    - Jungle Animals: Elephant, Giraffe, Monkey, Snake, Tiger
    - Circus Animals: Elephant, Horse, Lion, Monkey, Seal
    - Ocean Animals: Crab, Octopus, Sea Horse, Sea Turtle, Starfish

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