chatty macaron




    Hey, can you do me a favor?
    Since it's a wonderful day,
    there are many customers in "chatty macaron", very popular macaron shop.
    Do you know what they want there?
    It's a chatty macaron tower!!
    But to tell you the truth, it's too difficult to make a chatty macaron tower.
    So what I want you to do is to stack us not to drop on the ground and make a chatty macaron tower, OK?
    I did ask you to do that, right?
    And you accept it, right?
    I know you'll do it wonderfully.
    Oh, it's almost time.
    I need to go, I need to go.
    Yeah, I have to go!

    [How to Play]
    Stack macarons on the special dish and make a chatty macaron tower.
    To control the special dish, tilt your iPhone.
    You can pull macarons by tapping the screen.
    When you tap the right side of the screen, macarons are drew to the right.
    When you tap the left side of the screen, macarons are drew to the left.
    So you can balance macarons.

    ********************* Works of SpartanX Games **********************
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    These games are developed by popular Japanese game unit "SpartanX" which works in Ogaki city, Gifu prefecture. Hope you enjoy our works!

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