Delivery Pizza Kingdom




    I didn't know cooking pizza is so pleasurable♡

    Thanks for waiting to 80 million pizza freaks!
    It's a new kind of simulation game focusing on managing a delivery pizza shop!

    You are the franchise owner of Pizzaberg ,a delivery pizza company.

    Make a profit and start up your original franchise business!

    [How To Play]
    ・There are 9 kinds of menu, wow!
    ・Correctly make a pizza which customers ordered, yah!
    ・If your shop go to the black a day, the next day you can make more pizzas, hooray!
    ・If your shop go to the red a day, the next day the number of pizza order will decrease, alas!
    ・Be careful not to make a incorrect pizza and keep off food loss, rah!

    ★ ★ ★ works SpartanX Games ★ ★ ★
    Grab Missile
    · Pizabun'nageru
    · Macaroons swelling
    · Diagnosis and your ugly
    · Hero-from looking for a job
    · Diagnosis and diet frustration
    · Tonight's side dishes
    · Diagnosis and! Prime prime burger
    · I do not do the crime diagnosis! Absolutely

    It is a game app series by popular brand craftsmen polish application Numerology city of water, "Spartan X" in Ogaki, Gifu. Carefree twist out that was protruding out of life -
    Please enjoy the work.

    [Today] Apps25 pack # 25
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