Match Dinos Preschool

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    Match Dinos Preschool - your kids will love it!

    Over 1,300 possible combinations of easily recognizable mixed up dino parts. Match the dino to the 3 or 6 dinosaurs shown below.

    2 Games in One App!
    + See & Match game:
    Here the dino to be recognized remains at the top.
    This trains observation and recognition skills.

    + See & Memory game:
    Here the dino disappears after a short while.
    This trains the memory and concentration skills.

    Vary the challenge:
    - 3 difficulty levels from easy for beginners to hard even for grown ups
    - 3 or 6 cards to pick from

    Steady feedback:
    - Funny sounds for right and wrong taps
    - The names of the dinos are spoken out in English or German
    - this can be turned off on the secondary screen
    - Just the right amount of animation
    - Kids friendly design

    Universal App:
    Buy the App once and use it on iPhone/iPod Touch as well as on your iPad.
    App fully optimized for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.

    If you buy this App for your kid, please take the time to explain it to your child.

    We love to hear from you: send us your feedback directly from the App.

    If you want to mix dinosaurs yourself check out DinoMix (link to AppStore provided in the App)!

    Note: This game helps to train recognition and memory.
    It is not designed to teach dinosaur names.