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    Monster Mash Lite let's you mash up cute, creepy and crazy monsters into weird and wonderful new combinations. Mash your monster by using simple sliding gestures to combine the head, body and feet (or sometimes tentacles!) into funny combinations for your kids to enjoy.

    You can create everything from a bat-winged, tentacled cyclops, a cape-wearing, webbed-foot dog, or even a tuxedo-wearing snail! There are no worries in being bored, as there are over 3,000 different combinations!

    Your mashed monsters can decorate your kid's room, be used as funny nametags, or turned into a puzzle if you also have Monster Puzzles.

    "Monster Mash is the coolest monster game... Monster Mash has a clean and simple interface... this game is very elegant."

    - Easy interface for little fingers
    - Random button, for more silly fun
    - Name your monster (maybe after a friend or child for friendly fun!)
    - Save photos to your device photo library
    - Email your monsters to your friends
    - Print your monster to Airprint enabled printers (or print from your computer after you've emailed you monster!)
    - Export to Monster Puzzles to turn your creation into a Jigsaw Puzzles

    Watch out for free updates!

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    Optimized for iPad and iPhone.

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    Recommended Ages: all
    Categories: Creative Play

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